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Powder Coating

Here at APS we prep each product to ensure the best possible adhesion surface, its then sent to the spray booth for coating. Its then cured in the oven and then we wrap or box up the newly finished product.

Thermal Stripping

This process is done by burning off any contaminates or existing powder coating to bring the items surface back to its natural finish​

Media and Sand blasting

High speed media or sand is used to strip away rust, old paint or any other existing finish to bring the product back to its original finish or to prepare for a new coating/finish

Metal Polishing

First the product is prepped including sanding using several different grades or grit to get to the polishing stage. Then we polish the product with Rouge compound to create a polished finish.

Ceramic Thermal Coating 

For protecting and coating metals where  extreme heat is present, which helps reduce ambient heat. For racing exhaust applications, ceramic thermal coating helps to increase exhaust velocity.

Antique restoration

Please contact us for more information and details

powder coating
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